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Case Study — Domestic 2.16KWp Anglesey, North Wales


This customer was environmentally conscience and wanted to combine a PV System with his previously installed Ground Source Heat pump .

Total Budget inc VAT was £11.500. The customer received £2.500 from the Low Carbon Buildings Program towards the cost of this installation. The total installation took one and half days.

System Details

Modules 12 Sharp 180W mono-crystalline. Inverter SMA 2500 with Remote Display. Total system size 2.16KWp


The customer was delighted with the speed and quality of the Installation.

Property Developers

Case Study—Social Housing 15 x 0.832KWp @ Hillside Ave, Huyton.


To install PV Systems that would help keep tenants out of fuel poverty, increase the sustainability of the property and would be sensitive to any possible planning issues.


It was decided that the Solarcentury C21e Solar Tile would be used for the installations for their aesthetic appeal and efficiency.

The project was 50% funded by the Low Carbon Buildings Programme.

System Details

Each system consisted of :-
16 x Solarcentury C21e Solar Tiles.
1 x SMA 700 Inverter with Remote Display. 
Each total system size is 0.832KWp

As an associate installer, Northern Solar Ltd were invited to assist with this project by Solar century.

Educational Authorities

Asmall Primary School

At Asmall school we fitted 51 Sharp 180w Modules on a pitched tarred roof. This 9.18KWp system will produce 7,019KWh which will give them an annual Fit’s Revenue of £2,533.86 and offset a 10th of their electricity bill consumption.

Planning permission was needed for this installation and was obtained quickly and easily by the school from Lancashire county council

Ricourt High School

Maricouirt High School is a school based in the Sefton Area catering for students 11-18 years.

A large 16.3 Kwp system was installed on the new pitched roof of the Gym Hall. This system needed planning permission from Sefton Council and DNO permission from the Local Distribution Network and a G59 Relay panel had to be installed.

Installation will give an annual output of 13,814KWh and offset 7846Kg’s of CO2 omissions. The Annual output will make £ 4,337.59 and save £1,381.40 (based on a
charge of 10p per kilowatt hour) giving a total saving to the
school of £ 5,718.99 per annum for the next 25 years (index linked).

The school also has an ECO group run by Teachers and Students and they are hoping to be eligible for an Environmental Award.

Redbridge High School

Redbridge High School is a small school that caters for Students with Severe Learning Difficulties and Northern Solar Ltd was happy to install a system that was of no cost to the school to help with their high fuel Consumption.

A large system of 16.2 Kwp was installed consisting of 90 Sharp modules on ballasted consoles set atop the schools flat roof. This system will give an annual output of 12,637KWh and offset 7,178Kg’s of CO2. The system will also give the school an annual FIT’s income of £ 3,968.00 and save £1,769.18 from their energy bills
(based on their 0.14p purchase cost) giving a total annual
saving of £5,737.18 to boost school funds!

Loretto 6th Form College

Lorreto College has a fully integrated exterior wall mounted PV system which consists of 154 205W Sunpower modules over four facades. The college chose wall mounted facades as this saved money in building material and they can offset the price of cladding by replacing it with a cladding system that will bring in revenue.

The appearance of these facades adds to the overall design of the building and makes a very eye catching addition that has a purpose and function.

This system was designed by Solar Century and installed by Northern Solar.

Religious Institutions

9.72KWp St Georges Church, Slough


The Archdiocese were building a new church and wanted to incorporate a Renewable Technology into the build and so a Photovoltaic System was decided upon. This system will also highlight the Churches ‘Green Credentials’ which was a major aim of the Archdiocese.

Total Budget exc VAT was £55,000 with 50% of the funding being received from the Low Carbon Buildings 
Programme Phase 2

System Details

54 x Sharp 180W 
3 x Fronius Inverters 
Total system size 9.72KWp

The Masji-Tauheedul Islam Mosque


The Mosque in Blackburn was a fully integrated Solar Tile Installation. The 8.736KWp system was carried out on the newly built Mosque in July 2010. This system will produce 6,521KWh’s per annum and offset 3,704Kg’s of CO2 Emissions. This system will give an annual income £2,450+ and save £910.10 off their energy bill giving a total annual saving of £3,350.

The Mosque enjoys a Public Display Unit for all visitors to see the systems productivity which has proved to be a huge success.

System Details

204 x Nu-Lok Tiles
3 x Diehl Ako Inverters
Total system size 8.7Kwp

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