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A System Designed Just For You

We recommend a:                                          4 kW    System for your home.

* Based on your framework pitch of:                 25* Inclination

* And an orientation of:                                              South

* Annual System generation based on SAP 

(including shading)                                                   2988kWhs

* System Size:                                                              4 kWp

* Number of Panels:                                             16 x RISEN 250W 

What will your annual generation be?  

Your Total Annual return: £ 1,044.00 (Figure is based on first year return, this figure is likely to increase year on year)

£ 33,602.00 Total return on investment after 25 years

The break-down: Figures here are per annum and based on Risens own figures

Feed In Tariff Income guaranteed for 20 years:  (RPI)    £11,371.00

Export Tariff Income guaranteed for 20 years:   (RPI)    £1,895.00

Electricity Bills Savings *:  Based on 15.3p                    £20,336.00 

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