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All our products come with a suitable guarantee.  

We only install products that will last, an never cut corners, PV is a product to last the test of time.


PV Products

Welcome to the Photovoltaic's (PV) product page. We provide a number of products that will suit your requirements from fully or semi integrated to retro fit or mounted on a frame or console on the ground or on a roof.

There are three ways of installing Photovoltaic's: 

Integration, Retrofitting or fitting onto a framework. 

Integrated products are built in to the roof structure, usually at the time of re-roofing or building from new. 

Retrofitted products are attached to an already completed roof.

Framed panel installations on roofs, on the ground. 

Different solar products utilize different types of PV technology such as mono-crysttaline, poly-crysttaline and hybrid. We will advise you on the most suitable technology.

Retrofitted Panels

These panels can be fitted on top of an existing roof, using specially designed roof hook and frame work.

Retrofitting is usually the cheapest option.

Semi Integrated

This system places the panels into the roof during roof building. This is the most suitable for re-roofing or new builds where aesthetics are important. This system protrudes as much as a velux window would.

Fully Integrated Solar Century C21 Solar Tiles

Another integrated product particularly preferred by those where aesthetics are an issue such as listed buildings or areas of conservation. These usually use mono-crysttaline cells laminated onto a frame and are usually black in colour. Solar tiles integrate particularly well with tiled roofs or slate. These however are slightly more expensive solar roofing materials than a module system.

If aesthetics are important, or there are certain planning restraints, C21 tiles or slates are a must

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