40KWp System on Princess Court Apartments



Completed and Commissioned April 2009

The Largest Residential Roof Mounted Solar PV System In the North  of England When Commissioned


Good Neighbor, a social enterprise group who actively promotes the idea of community-scale solutions, to climate change, choose Northern Solar for their expertise and experience in designing and installing Solar PV systems in complex situations and their sound environmental credentials. 
Northern Solar successfully designed, installed and commissioned a 40KWp Solar PV installation, on the roof of a residential apartment block, for the group. One of the most important tasks was to design a system that maximised the limited space on the roof, as well as maintaining the roofs weathertight integrity. A non-penetrating ballasted aluminium framework system was chosen with the framework mounted at an inclination of 10°, to maximise the generation of the system. 


System Details 

160 Suntech 250w modules

2 SMA 15,000 TL inverters
17,000 KGs of CO2 emissions being saved per year

 The electricity generated is 31,000 KWhs per year that will be fed into the flats and therefore reduce the building’s
overall electrical expenditure.
The FIT’s tariff for this system is guaranteed for 20 years and is index linked
so will increase. It offers a return of £9216.00 per annum.