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Northern Solar offers an unbeatable variety of services to all of our clients, big or small. Clients who decide to work with us can take advantage of a whole range of extra services we provide, such as Solar Energy Consultation or Solar P.V. Installation, Maintenance and Service. Please get in touch to learn more about what we can offer you.


Bespoke quotes

Our staff at Northern Solar are ready to help make possible any solar design or idea you may have. So if you want to make your idea a reality, get in touch with a member of our team today, and we will be sure to assist you. Just give us a call.

Space Planning solar panels


Unmatchable Service

If you have a project that needs working on, contact us to see how we can be of service today.

Residential Installation
Commercial Installation
Solar Panel Installation


We offer maintenance for solar systems, as well as solar system repair services for commercial and residential. Our past customers know that once they decide to work with Northern Solar we will take care of them all the way down the line. We also correct faulty systems that have been installed by other companies.

Contact us today to see how we can help. 

Solar Panel Repair


Battery storage is designed to work alongside your existing or new solar system. This helps to utilise more of the electricity generated by your solar system. The excess electricity from your solar system, instead of feeding back into the national grid, will charge your batteries. This will then feed back into your home or business when your solar system is not producing enough to match your electricity needs. Click Here to find out more.

battery storage solar PV

Explore Brands We Use

We only recommend leading solar PV and energy storage products which are selected for quality and efficiency.

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