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Northern Solar's 12KWp System 

aintree solar panels

Northern Solar don’t just talk the talk. In December 2011 Northern Solar moved into new premises, and one of their priorities was to install a P.V. System.

Completed and Commissioned April 2009

"We wanted to test various modules so they could advise potential customers about the best products for them, based on experience, data and results from their system rather than from information supplied by the panel manufacturers" (Shaun Gallagher, Business owner).


Northern Solar Ltd installed three separate 4 KWp Solar PV installations on the roof of their premises in Liverpool.

The 3 Systems consisted of 16 REC 250w modules, 16 Panasonic (formerly Sanyo)  250w and 16 Suntech 250w modules.

All modules were connected to 3 SMA 4000 TL inverters.

The installation comprises of 48 250w modules, South facing at a 10° inclination on a steel-skinned trapezoidal roof. 

These systems are regularly monitored and the data is used to help customers make informed choices and we are happy to report to date all systems are producing  9-10% more energy than predicted. As a result of the installation, Northern Solar’s energy bills are a minimal business expense.


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