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Large Barn: 45.9KWp System


After Northern Solar installed a 4KWp system on this customer’s home, the customer recognised the benefits and monetary value of solar PV and invited Northern Solar back to install a large 45.9KWp PV system on his barn to generate a substantial additional income. 


Customer comment: I was so happy with the PV installation on my home that I had no hesitation in asking the team at Northern Solar back to install a much larger system on my barn. I am delighted with the overall results and feel like I am printing my own money”. 


The system is South Facing at 25° inclination and is expected to generate
39,000 KWhs saving over 22,000 Kgs of CO2 emissions.
The FIT’s tariff for this system is guaranteed for 20 years and is index
linked so will rise each year. It equates to a 7 year payback period and
will also Benefit from exporting and generating the electricity to the value
of approx. £12,000 per annum. 

In total this customer is set to have a total payback of £240,000 over a 20 year period. 
*FIT Tariffs only available till April 2019

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